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Fatimah (A)

... Fatimah became angry with Abu Bakr and kept away from him, and did not talk to him till she died. She remained alive for six months after the death of the Prophet. When she died, her husband 'Ali, buried her at night without informing Abu Bakr and he said the funeral prayer by himself.

Ref: Sahih al-Bukhari, Chapter of "The battle of Khaibar", arabic version, page 1040.

 The same narration is found in other Sahih Bukhari books, as following:

After the death of Allah 's Apostle Fatima the daughter of Allah's Apostle asked Abu Bakr As-Siddiq to give her, her share of inheritance from what Allah's Apostle had left of the Fai (i.e. booty gained without fighting) which Allah had given him. Abu Bakr said to her, "Allah's Apostle said, 'Our property will not be inherited, whatever we (i.e. prophets) leave is Sadaqa (to be used for charity)." Fatima, the daughter of Allah's Apostle got angry and stopped speaking to Abu Bakr, and continued assuming that attitude till she died. Fatima remained alive for six months after the death of Allah's Apostle.

Ref: Sahih Muslim, page 841.

 The same narration is found in other Sahih Muslim books, as following:


“…Abu Bakr questioned about those who had refused to pay allegiance to him and had gathered near Ali  like Abbas, Zubair and Sa’d Ibn Ubaadah, who were sitting in the house of Fatimah, refusing to pay allegiance. Abu Bakr dispatched Umar Ibn Khattaab to them. Umar went to the house of Fatimah and screamed (inviting them to come out of the house to pay allegiance). They refused to come out of the house. At this juncture, Umar called for firewood and said, ‘I swear by the One in whose hand is Umar’s life! Come
out of the house or else I will burn down the house along with its inmates!
One person said to Umar, ‘O Aba Hafs (referring to Umar’s agnomen)! Fatimah is in this house.’ Umar shot back, ‘Even if Fatimah is in this house, I will burn it " down...'

Ref: A’laam al-Nisaa Fi Alam Al Arab Wal Islam, by Umar Reza Kahhaaleh, a contemporary Sunni scholar, page 115.

“Narrated Muhammad bin Bashir from Ubaidllah bin Umar from Zaid bin Aslam that his father Aslam said: ‘When the homage (baya) went to Abu Bakr after the Messenger of Allah, Ali and Zubair were entering into the house of Fatima to consult her and revise their issue, so when Umar came to know about that, he went to Fatima and said : ‘Oh daughter of Messenger of Allah, no one is dearest to us more than your father and no one dearest to us after your father than you, I swear by Allah, if these people gathered in your house then nothing will prevent me from giving order to burn the house and those who are inside.’

So when Umar left, they (Ali and Zubair) came , so she (Fatima) said to them: ‘Do you know that Umar came here and swear by Allah to burn the house if you gather here, I swear by God that he (Umar) will execute his oath, so please leave wisely and take a decision and don't gather here again.’ So they left her and didn't gather there till they give baya to Abu Bakr.”

Ref: Musnaf of Imam Ibn Abi Shebah, volume 7, page 432, tradition 37045. 

All the narrators are authentic as they are the narrators of Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim. Muhammad bin Bashir: Imam Al-Dhahabi said: ‘Thabt’ (Al-Kaashif, v2 p159), Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani said: ‘Thiqa’ (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v2 p58). Ubaidllah bin Umar: Al-Dhahabi said: ‘Thabt’ (Al-Kaashif, v1 p685), Ibn Hajar Asqalani said: ‘Thiqa Thabt’ (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v1 p637). Zaid bin Aslam: Al-Dhahabi said: ‘Hujja’ (Siar alam alnubala, v5 p316), Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani said: ‘Thiqa’ (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v1 p326). Aslam al-Qurashi (the slave of Umar): Al-Dhahabi said: 'Faqih, Imam' (Siar alam alnubala, v4 p98), Ibn Hajar Asqalani said: ‘Thiqa’ (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v1 p88). 

Abu Bakr sent for Ali to pledge allegiance to him (Abu Bakr), but he (Ali) refused. So Umar came (to his house) with a fire-lamp. Fatimah encountered him at the door (of the house) and said: “O Ibn Al-Khattab, are you going to burn the door on me?” He said “Yes! And this (burning the house) makes what your father had come with stronger…”

Ref: Ansaabul Ashraf, by Ahmad bin Yahya Jabir al-Balathari, volume 1, page 589, hadith 1184.

Under the chapter captioned, ‘Mode of Allegiance by Ali (as)’ vide his chain of narrators citing on the authority of Abdullah Ibn Abdur Rehmaan Ansaari, writes,

“Verily, one day Abu Bakr enquired about those who refused to pay allegiance to him and had gathered around Ali. He dispatched Umar to pursue them while they had gathered in the house of Ali. When they declined to emerge from the house, Umar thundered, ‘Pile the firewood’ and screamed at the inmates, ‘I swear by the One in whose hands is Umar’s life! Come out, otherwise I will burn down the house along with its inmates.’ Somebody asked, ‘O Aba Hafs! Are you aware that Fatemah is present in this house?’ Umar shot back, ‘(I don’t care) even if Fatemah is present in the house!"

Ref: 'Al-Imaamah wa al-Siyaasah’ by Abu Muhammad Abdullah Ibn Muslim Ibn Qutaybah.

Ibn Abi shaybah in his Musnaf and Allamah Tabari in his Tarikh have narrated that Umar stood on the door of the house of Janabe Fatimah (A) and said :

“O daughter of Allah (SWT)’s Messenger (SAW)! By Allah (SWT)! You are the dearest amongst us . But by Allah (SWT)! But this will not stop me from seting your house ablaze if these persons keep gathering in it .

Ref: 'Al Farooq '- Biography of Hazrat Umar Farooq by Allamah Shibli Nomani, page 66.

Ibn Humayd - Jarir - Mughirah - Ziyad b. Kulayb:

Umar Ibn al-Khattab came to the house of Ali. Talha and Zubair and some of the immigrants were also in the house. Umar cried out: "By God, either you come out to render the oath of allegiance, or I will set the house on fire." al-Zubair came out with his sword drawn. As he stumbled (upon something), the sword fell from his hand so they jumped over him and seized him."

Ref: History of al-Tabari, volume 9. pages 186 and 187.

Imam Ali (A) , Abbas , zubayr were gathered at the house of Janabe Fatimah .

'Abu Bakr ordered Umar to bring them from the house of Fatemah (RA). Abu Bakr told  Umar, ‘If they refuse to come out of the house, wage a war against them.’” At this juncture, Umar went towards the house of Fatemah with some fire to burn it down, when he encountered Fatemah who came to the door of the house and asked, ‘Where are you going, o son of Khattaab? Have you come to burn our house down?’

Umar replied, ‘Yes.. '

Ref: Edqul Fareed, by Ahmad bin Mohammed bin Abd Rabbih al-Andalusi, page 13.

"Narrated to us from Ibn Hamid . He said narrated to us Jurair , from Mugayrah, from Ziyad bin kaleeb. He said 'from there ( saqifa) Umar went to the house of Ali , in it were present Talha , Zubayr and some other members from the muhajireen. Umar said "come and pay allegiance, else i willset this house on fire and burn you all". Zubayr came out with his sword and charged towards Umar. But his foot got entangled in the floor and he fell down and his sword fell off from his hand. Immediately people pounced upon him and overpowered him."

Ref: History of al-Tabari, in arabic version, volume 3, page 202.

“…Thereafter, Abu Bakr ordered Umar to bring out Ali (RA) and those with him from the house of Fatemah (RA). Abu Bakr told Umar, ‘If they refuse to come out of the house, wage a war against them.’” At this juncture, Umar went towards the house of Fatemah with some fire to burn it down, when he encountered Fatemah, who asked, ‘Where are you going, o son of Khattaab? Have you come to burn our house down?’

Umar replied, ‘Yes '

Ref: Kitab al-Mukhtasar fi Akhbaaril Bashar, by Muayyed Emaaduddin Ismaeel, page 64.

"Umar on the day of allegiance struck Hazrat Fatima Zahra so severely on her stomach that she had to suffer the miscarriage of Janabe Mohsin."

Ref: 'Kitab al-Wafi bi-al-Wafayat (al-Nasharat al-Islamiyah), by Khalil ibn Aybak Safadi, page 15.

"Verily Umar stuck so hard at Hazrat Fatima Zahra in her stomach on the day of allegiance that she suffered the miscarriage of Janabe Mohsin. And Umar was shouting to burn the house of Janabe Fatimah along with the people inside it, although at that time there were none other than Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatima, Hassan, and Hussain in the house."

Ref: Al-Melal wa al-Nehal -Abu al-Fath Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Karim Ibn Abi Bakr Ahmed Shahrastaani (exp. 548 A.H.), page 51.

Abu Bakr said: As for the three things that I wish I never did, that I wish I did not raid Fatima’s house and I left it …

He (the author) said: and this hadith is hasan (reliabe) from Abu Bakr.

The same narration is found in this book:

Ref: Al-Mujma' al-Kabir, by Abul-Qasim Sulayman bin Ahmad At-Tabrani (360 A.H.), volume 1, page 62.


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  4. Do you see any difference between crimes of Abubakr, umar and ISIS?...Surely ISIS is following Abubkr and umar lanatullah alayhim ajmaeeen and not Qur'an and Sunnah.

  5. On the one hand condemning the criminals abubkr and umar is haram according to sunni sect and on the other hand ayesha and muawiyah are still raziallah despite fighting in jange jamal by ayesha and jange siffin by muawiyah with Imam Ali a.s. who was unanimously accepted caliph by Muslims (not with badmashi/bullying as abubakr and umer became caliphs) . What a nonsense idiotic sect and belif is this?

  6. Shia scholar Ayatullah Fadlullah said: “It has reached my attention that many of our scholars have reported in their books that lady Fatima was viciously attacked while she was staying at her home with Imam Ali, and their children along with some of the sahaba of Rasoul Allah, some of our scholars agree that “the attackers” who attacked the house of Imam Ali did actually do so as we arrogate to the masses, but the truth is that “the man” only threatened her. In his speech “the man” said: “wa in lam yakhrojoo”, the words in arabic “wa in” shows “ee7aa2″/”shame” of Alzahraa, so how can we say that he broke her rib while he showed shame towards her? I personally reject the stories regarding the attack on her house along with breaking her ribs since our shia history doesn’t prove that this incident has occurred to sayeda Alzahraa”. [Sayed Fadhulla, a speech that was given on mothers day, 1999, Beirut lebnan. This is recorded in: “Almula7azat” by Sayed Yaseen Almusawi, Published by “Dar Al9eddeqa Alkubra” in Beirut Lebanon, 2000]

    Shia scholar Ayatullah al-Sayyed al-Khoei:

    When al-Khoei was asked about this incident:
    س 980: هل الروايات التي يذكرها خطباء المنبر، وبعض الكتاب عن كسر ((عمر)) لضلع السيدة فاطمة (عليها السلام) صحيحة برأيكم؟ الخوئي:ذلك مشهور معروف، والله العالم. صراط النجاة: ج 3/ ص 314
    Question 980: Are the narrations mentioned by the speakers on the Mimbars and some of the books about ‘Umar breaking the rib of Fatima, authentic according to you?

    Answer: That is what’s popular and known and Allah knows best.  [Sirat al-Najat 3/314].

    Note: This reply of Ayatullah khoei shows that he didn’t consider those reports present in shia books to be authentic. Al-khoei said that those reports were popular but he didn’t declare them to be authentic.

    To clear this up let us see what al-khoei writes in his books:
    لا ينجبر ضعف السند بالشهرة
    “The weakness of Sanad is not fixed by the popularity of a Hadith” (kitab al-Khums 1/18)

    Al-khoei also says about another narration:
    وجه الاشكال هو أن المعروف والمشهور بين الأصحاب وإن كان ذلك إلا أنه لا دليل عليه
    “The problem is that even if it is known and popular amongst our companions, yet there is no proof for it”  ” (Mabani Takmilat al-Minhaj 2/434)

    Comment: Thus as we see , popularity of a report doesn’t makes it authentic according to al-khoei himself. And Al-khoei not authenticating that story shows us that even in shia books this story doesn’t have any authentic route.

    Even if the above doesn’t seem to be a clear proof from al-khoei to our readers, then here is something which al-khoei said regarding Abubakr(ra) and Umar(ra) which will clear the issue in a crystal clear manner.

    Ayatullah al-Sayyed al-Khoei says while commenting on the first Caliphs in “Fiqh al-Shia” vol 3 pg 126, also in “Mabani Minhaj al-Saliheen” vol 3 pg 250 by Taqi al-Qummi:

    ومن هنا يحكم باسلام الأولين الغاصبين لحق أمير المومنين عليه السلام إسلاما ظاهرياً لعدم نصبهم – ظاهراً – عداوة لأهل البيت وإنما نازعوهم في تحصيل المقام والرياسة العامة
    Translation: “From this we conclude the Islam of the first two who usurped the right of Ameer al-Momineen (as) an apparent Islam because of them NOT being Nasibis apparently and NOT dispplaying enmity towards ahlbait(as) but they disputed them for the sake of status and general leadership.

    Comment: This shows that al-khoei testifies that Abubakr(ra) and Umar(ra) were not Nasibis(enemies of Ahlebayt). If khoei believed that Abubakr or Umar attacked Fatima(ra) or killed her unborn child, then he would have never said that Abubakr(ra) and Umar(ra) were NOT nasibis.

    1. Imam Shafaii says - -
      You're wrong brother..
      Please hold on Tawheed
      Try to understand the Quran and Sunnah..
      I'm not going to argue with you..
      Just try to understand from authentic ahadiths..

    2. Can you tell me . Threatening the daughter of prophet who is lady of heaven is right? Islam is not allowed to force anybody for anything!! How could they force them.

  7. Such ignorance as expected from you. You really twisted the Words of Al-Khoei amd Fadlallah making it seem like they considered ALL narrations are Daif. If you had any brains left you'd realise that they are talking about some Narrations not all. Did they mention all of them? All of the 150 in Shi'i books? Get a brain.

  8. Good Research brother, its a chain Abubakar, Omer, Uthman, Abusufian, Mavia, yazeed etc etc So Lanat on them till the Qayama

  9. Rasulullah SAW forbade inheritances of his property. Why? Because the inheritances just an objects, nothing else that often makes a man mad. To trap this life in an endless cycle of Satan ... to take away and eliminate our time to worship God and to whom we take refuge, indeed Allah is Wide.

    Sahaba play their role as prophet Muhammad wanted them to be, and they(sahaba) are just a man those do what they have to do as they can. Infact, Allah Subhana Wa' Ta'ala does not like those who give priority to the world and its contents, Allah is the ultimate virtue.

  10. Umar injuing Fatima(a.s) give from bukhari

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  12. Salaam un Alaykoom Janab, Thanks for your extraordinary work in favour of Ahleybait a.s. kindly provide your email address so that I may also send you some work done by me in audio. My email address is

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  13. Assalamualaikum this is the truth of truth where Muslims don't understand bcoz of u education where they can't understand English and Urdu most of them they follow as their elders orders them and make them follow to hide the truth

    Being a Muslim is just not agreeing to pray 5 times and livind Beard and telling about Islam appreciating 3 khalifa who were completely wrong and injustice with the prophet peace be upon him family and jealous on Ahle bayt

  14. I request all to read and listen think the reality history of the prophet pbuh family where they were been neglected in the time rule of 3 khalifas laanath on the khalifas