Thursday, March 28, 2013

Muhammad ibn Abdulwahab is a zindeeq

“And it contains he mentioned the people of Iraq, Uthman with evil and he said evil words in the Majlis of Sa’eed ibn Aamer and so he wrote to Uthman and the he wrote to bring them to Damascus and when they came to Muawiyah, he was generous to them, honored them and even advised them. And one of the speakers replied with words that contained some verbal abuse and then advised them, but so then they transgressed with sin, ignorance and evilness, so Muawiyah denied them from entering Damascus.

He says: “They were 10.”
  1. “Kumail ibn Zyad” [one of the most closest companion to Imam Ali]
  2. “Alashtar al-Nakha’i (Malik al-Ashtar)"
  3. ”Alqama ibn Qais al-Nakha’i”
  4. ”Thabit ibn Qais al-Nakha’i”
  5. “Jundub ibn Zuhair al-Aameri”
  6. “Jundub ibn Ka’ab al-Azdi”
  7. “Urwa ibn al-Ja’ad”
  8. “Amr ibn Hamaq al-Khuza’I” [The one Muawiyah killed]
  9. “Sa’sa’a ibn Sawhan” and his brother “Zaid ibn Sawhan”
  10. “Ibn Kawa’a”
So they dwelled in the Arabian Peninsula and continued living in Hims, and this was the fitna they followed to murder Uthman.

Ref: Mukhtasar Seerat al-Rasool, by the Sheikh Mohammad ibn Abdulwahab, page 314, under the headline “In the year 33”.

Jundub ibn Ka’ab al-Azdi, he said to him that he was a SUHBA “companion”.

Ref:  “Al-Isaba fee Tamyeez al-Sahaba” (Differentiating companions) investigated by Abdulla ibn AbdulMuhsin al-Turky, volume 2, page 252.

Jundub ibn Ka’ab al-Azdi, he said to him that he was a SUHBA “companion”.

 Ref: “Isaba from the same print as above”, volume 7, page 363.

What is the principle established from the Ummayad curriculum? It says that whoever degrades a SAHABI, he is a Zindeeq(infidel).

“Narrated from his source to Abi Zura’ al-Razzi, that if you see any man degrading anybody from the companions of the Prophet of Allah (meaning anybody) so know VERY WELL he is a ZINDEEQ (infidel).

Ref: “Al-Isaba” from Dr.Ibn Hajjar al-Asqalani investigated by: Abdulla ibn AbdulMuhsin al-Turky (Bilta’awon ma’a markaz al-buhooth) dar al-Hajar dr Abdullah Abdulsanad Hassan. Volume 1, page 24. 

And he said he says abu Abdulla: ”Whoever degrades any of the companions of the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) he only grew from wretchedness, and has an evil deception

Ref: Sunnati lil khalal ibn abi Bakr ibn Mohammad al-Khalal who passed away: 311 H.D, volume 1, page 477.


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