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Muawiyah cursing Ali (AS) (2)

Narration from Sa’eed ibn Jubair, who said: "I was sitting with ibn Abbas at Arafat when he said: Why don’t I hear people reciting Talbiyya?

I said: ”Out of fear of Muawiyah

Ibn Abbas got out of his tent and said: ”Labbayk Allahumma labbayk, labbayk Allahumma labbayk. They have left the SUNNAH IN THE HATRED OF ALI.

Ref: Sahih Sunan al-Nisai’, investigated by al-Albani, volume 2 page 343, hadith number 3006

Al-Albanis comment: This hadith is "Sahih"

I was informed by Abul Hassan Muhammed ibn al-Hussein informed by Maisara..From Sa’eed ibn Jubair who said: ”We were with ibn Abbas at Arafat when he said: ”Why don’t I hear people reciting Talbiyya?”

I said: ”Out of fear of Muwaiya

Ibn Abbas got out of his tent and said ” Labbayk Allahumma labbayk against the WILL OF MUWAIYA, Oh Allah CURSE THEM FOR THEY HAVE LEFT THE SUNNA IN THE HATRED OF ALI.

Ref: Sunan al-Kubra by Imam Abi Bakr Ahmed ibn al-Hussein ibn Ali al-Bayhaqi (458AH). Organised and commented by Islam Mansoor Abdul Hameed. Al-Hadith institution. Printed in 1429 AH. In volume 5, page 183, hadithnumber 9447.

”As for the narration of Sa’ad when Muwaiya ordered him to curse Ali, but he refused to do so. He said: What prevents you from cursing Ali ibn Abi Talib? He replied: It is because of three things which I remember Allah’s Messenger having said about him that I would not curse him and even if I had one of those three things, it would be more dear to me than having red camel.” This hadith is authentic, narrated by Muslim in his Sahih which contains three of Ali’s virtues.

My own comments: From this hadith we can see that al-Bani understood the hadith in Sahih Muslim as for Muawiyah ordered Sa'ad to curse Ali (AS).

Ref: Minhaj al-Sunnah al-Nabawiyya, by ibn Tamiyyah, investigated by Dr. Mohammed Rashad Salim, volume 5, page 42.

The narration ”..From Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas who said: Muwaiya came to Hajj once so Sa’ad visited him. They mentioned Ali and he CURSED HIM, Sa’ad got angry and said: You say such things about a man for whom I heard the Messenger of Allah say about: ”Whosevers Mawla I am, Ali is his Mawla too”, and I heard him say ”Today I will give the standard banner to a man who loves Allah and HIS Messenger..”

About this narration he (al-Arnaoot) says: ”The hadith is authentic and this chain of narrators is trustworthy.”

Ref: Sunan ibn Majah, ibn Majah al-Qazwini. Investigated and adjusted by Shoaib al-Arnaoot, volume 1, page 88 and hadith number 121.

The same narration: ”Muwaiya came.. they mentioned Ali and he cursed him..”

About this he (Allamah al-Albani) says: ”The hadith is authentic, and his comment on ”He cursed him” is the following statment: ”He cursed him” that is Muwaiya cursed Ali and insulted him.”

Ref: Sahih Sunan ibn Majah, authored by Allamah al-Albani, in volume 1, page 58, hadith number 120.

He says ”His saying that ”He cursed him” means ”Muwaiya cursed Ali and abused him”. In fact he also ordered Sa’ad to curse him just in Sahih Muslim”.

My own comments: From this hadith we can see that Imam al-Sindi understood the hadith in Sahih Muslim as for Muawiyah ordered Sa'ad to curse Ali (AS) (just as al-Bani did!).

Ref: Sharh Sunan ibn Majah, by Imam al-Sindi, Full name: Imam Abil Hassan al-Hanafi, known as al-Sindi (1138AH). Investigated by Sheikh Khalil Ma’moon Sheeha, al-Ma’rifa institution, Beirut, Lebanon, 3rd edition, 1420AH. In page 86, volume 1. 

This is the same narration but in a different version of the book.

”Narrated by…they mentioned Ali and Muwaiya cursed him.. Sa’ad got angry and said you are saying such things about a man..” and the narration continues till the end..

At the end of this narration Mohammed ’Awwama said: ”The chain of narrations is powerful.

Ref:  Musannaf ibn Abi Shayba, by Imam Abi Shayba, (159-235AH), in volume 17, page 101, hadithnumber 32741.

We have now proven that Muawaiyah used to curse Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS). Now let us define the meaning of a "nasibi"


Nawasibs are the Hypocrites for whom hatred of Ali is their religion.

Ref: Siyar A’alam al-Nubalaa, investigated by Sho’aib al-Arnaoot, volume 4, page 37.

Sheikh Imaadul Deen ibn Kathir said, “Thereafter I composed verses of poetry.” … then he says “I too composed verses of poetry.” (And the poetry is)

“That’s how Umayyid caliphs followed, their period of time was equal of that of the Rafidhis, but theirs was incomplete, and didn’t complete a 100 years, and ALL of them were NAWASIBS, except Imam Umar the pious.”

And then he mentioned them by name by saying “Muwaiyah, followed by his son Yazid, and the son of his son (Yazid) Muawiya, Marwan followed by his son Abdul Malik” (and he continues mentioning all the Ummayid Caliphs and considered them as nawasibs) 

Ref: Al-Bidayaa wal al-Nihayaa, by Imam al-Hafiz, volume 17, page 373(375).

“From Ali ibn Thabit from Zirr who said”: “Ali said by the One who splits open the seed and created something living the Apostle of Allah gave me a promise that none but a Believer would love me, and none but a Hypocrite would hate me. 

Ref: “Sahih Muslim” in page 60, hadith number 78, the hadith is in “The book of Fatih”, chapter 33.

Ali said: By Allah the Messenger of Allah gave me a promise that none but a hypocrite would hate me, and none save a believer would love me.

Arnaoot commenting on this text says: The chain of narration is according to the conditions set by the two sheikhs.

Ref: Sheikh Sho’aib Arnaoot the investigator of ”Musnad Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal” in, volume 2 , page 72. 

"Nawasib are those who embrace the hate of Ali (AS) as integral part of their faith."

Ref: Lisan al-'arab, by ibn Manthur, page 4437.

And amongst them are al-Nawasib, and al-Nawasibs, and Ahlul al-Nsb, and: "They are those who hate the chief of believers and the leader of Muslims abi Al-Hassan Ali ibn abi Talib (RA)"

Ref: Taj al-'roos, volume 4, page 277. 

"Nawasib is hostility towards Ali, (RA) preferring the others."

Ref: Tadrib al-Rawi fi Sharh Taqrib al-Nawawi, volume 1, page 178.

"Naasb means to have grudge against Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) and love for Mu'awiyah."

Ref: Siyar A’alam al-Nubalaa, volume 18, page 201. 

So without a doubt Muawaiyah was a NASIBI!

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