Friday, November 9, 2012

Yazid (LA) drinking alcohol

Imam Dhahabi writes: Ziyad Haarthi narrated: 'Yazid gave me alcohol to drink, I had never drunk alcohol like that before and I enquired where he had obtained its ingredients from'. Yazid replied: 'it is made of sweet pomegranate, Isfahan's honey, Hawaz's sugar, Taif's grapes and Burdah's water'. Ahmed bin Masama' narrated: 'Once Yazid drank alcohol and started to dance, suddenly he fell down and his nostril began to bleed'.

Ref: Siyar al A'lam wa al Nubalah, volume 4, page 37, by Imam Dhahabi, Publish: al-Risalah, Beirut Lebanon.

Imam Dhahabi (rah) writes: I say: 'When Yazid did to the people of Madina what he did and killed al-Hussain and his brothers and progeny, and Yazid drank alcohol, and performed abominable things, then the people hated him and rose up against him more than once. God didn't bless his life and Abu Bilal Mirdas bin Adya al-Hanzali rose against him.'

Ref: Tarikh al-Islam: wa-tabaqat al-mashahir wa-al-a`lam, volume 5, page 30, by Imam Dhahabi, Publish: Dar al Mughni, Beirut, Lebanon. 

Allama Alusi said: And I say what is prevalent over my mind that (Yazid) Khabith did not testify to the messengership of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). According to me it is correct to curse a person like Yazid, although one cannot imagine a Fasiq like him and apparently he never repented, the possibility of his repentance is weaker than the possibility of his faith (Iman). Along with Yazid, Ibn Ziyad, Ibn Sa'ad and his group shall also be included. Verily, may Allah's curse be upon all of them, their friends, their supporters, their group and upon everyone who inclines towards them until Qayamah and until an eye sheds a tear for Abu Abdullah Hussain (ra). 

Ref: Tafsir Ruh al-Ma'ani, volume 26, page 73.

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