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Muwaiyah died outside Islam

The book ”Masail Ahmad ibn Hanbal” – Narrations of Ishaq ibn Ibraheem ibn Hani al-Nisaburi, prepared for publication by Abul Ashbal Ahmed ibn Salim al-Masri – Alta’seel and Almawada institution. In this book we read:

Narration number 1866 he says: “I heard Aba Abdillah (Ahmad ibn Hanbal) and he was told by Dalaway that I heard Ali ibn al-Ja’ad he says”:

 “By Allah – Muawiya died on a religion other than Islam.”

Narrators (Ilm al-Rijal)

Let’s see who Dalaway and Ali ibn al-Ja’ad is.

As for Dalaway we turn to volume 12, page 120 in ‘Siyar A’alam al-Nubalaa’ (under the name ‘Ziyad ibn Ayyub’) we read:

“al-Imam, the great Hafidh, also known as ‘Dalaway’ – He says – al-Bukhari narrated from him and Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi and Nasai etc…

(and then he says):Abu Hatim said he is Truthful and Ibrahim ibn Arooma said none on this Earth was more Truthful than ‘Ziyad ibn Ayyub’.”

As for Ali ibn al-Ja’ad it is mentioned in volume 10, page 459, of ‘Siyar A’alam al-Nubalaa’ we read:

“Ali ibn al-Ja’ad’ – al-Imam – Hafidh – an authoritive proof, Musnad Baghdad – He says - ’al-Bukhari narrated from him and Abu Dawud and Yahya ibn Mu’een and Khalaf ibn Saalim and Ahmad ibn Hanbal etc…”

More about Muawiyah

“Tareekh al-Khulafa” by Suyuti (911 AH). Investigated by Ibrahim Saleh, Saadir institution, Beirut. In page 206, we read:

“And it is written by tabarani with an authentic chain of narrators from Um Salama from the Messenger of Allah who said”:

Whosoever loves Ali loves me, and whosoever loves me loves Allah. And whosoever hates Ali hates me, and whosoever hates me hates Allah.

al-Albani in volume 3, page 287, hadith number 1299, in “Silsila al-Saheeh” we read:

Whosoever loves Ali loves me, and whosoever loves me loves Allah. And whosoever hates Ali hates me, and whosoever hates me hates Allah.

Narrated by al-Mukhlis in al-Fawaaid al-Muntaqaat with an authentic chain of narrators from Um Saama who said:

I bear witness that I heard the Messenger of Allah say… And he then also mentions other sources for this narration.

“Fath al-Bari Sharh Saheeh al-Bukhari” by ibn Hajr al-Asqalani, in volume 13, page 669 of this book he says:

“It was mentioned in Sharh Alwajeez by Alrafii when he mentioned the Khawarij he said”: “They are a group of innovaters who opposed Ali.”

Then he (ibn Hajr) says: “His (Alrafii)’s words about the description of Khawarij are not limited to them just being innovators for it also includes the Nawasib who were the followers of Mu’awiya in Sifeen.

"The Messenger of Muawiyah then came to them with orders to release six and to kill eight, telling them: We have been ordered to let you disavow Ali and curse him. If you do so, we shall release you, and if you refuse, we shall kill you."

Sunni reference: History of Tabari, English version, events of year 51 AH, v18, p149

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HF) said: "If one while praying between the Rukn and Maqam (near Ka'bah) and fasting, dies but with the hate of the family of Muhammad, he will enter the Fire. And he who abuses my Ahlul-Bayt is verily an apostate and is driven out of Islam. And he who inflicts pain on my progeny upon him is the curse of Allah. And he who hurts me by hurting my progeny has verily hurt/angered Allah. Certainly Allah has made Paradise forbidden to he who does injustice to my Ahlul-Bayt, or kills them, or assists against them, or abuses them."

Sunni reference: al-Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, Ch. 11, p357 who said this tradition is authentic.



  2. Salamu Alekom,

    First lets clear up a common misunderstanding. This relates to the matter of which hadith is accepted from a sunni perspective vs that of the shii perspective.

    For Sunnis, a man who has a fault in one aspect of his life whatever it may be, does not necessarily nullify any type of knowledge or hadith he puts forward, i.e. if this man held a negative view of one companion for instance, but also a hadith of wudu for example came through him which did not contradict any other known hadith about wudu then he is held trustworthy for that specific topic but not for the topic regarding the companion.

    Ali ibn Jaad was known for having negative views of Muawiya ra and Uthman ra, therefore despite what Ali ibn Jaad has to say its not going to ruin the whole sunni perspective because Ali ibn Jaad could have been trustworthy in other topics but not this one, Ali ibn Jaads views is not what defines the Sunni perspective, it was already built by others who were more pious and of better character

    In your school of thought, a hadith is deemed trustworthy as said by al hor al aamili, al hilli al kashani and similar scholars in that

    what a competent imam with sharp memory from asimilar authority in the whole chain without any irregularities or defects

    Also let me explain something, when you post something like this, what is your end result? are you just trying to cherry pick lines?

    The reality of the fact is this, muawiya r.a. was a sahabi, he never became kafir, whatever happened between ali ra and him, that is something for Allah to judge between them, your job and my job is to learn from the good examples both these men put forward to us, not judge or critisize them. You are underestimating how serious it is to insult a companion of the prophet. If muawiya is indeed a kafir, then I would love to understand why al hassan and al hussein accepted his khilafah and continued to visit him for the 20 years he ruled.

    If you really want to know the truth of things don't fast forward into the year 1100 and onwards and then start your research from there. Go through the seerah of the prophet pbuh, get to know all the companions, get to know all the names and places and events as a foundation then start looking through

    You have scholars from your school of thought, to be frank, all of them say this but 5, and those 5 narrate from scholars who do claim this

    that the quran is missing 2/3 of it, we only have 1/3 and the remaining 2 are with mahdi. I think one mans opinion that is false of muawiya comes far down the list of importance than something like this wouldnt you agree? Or the concept of imamah to begin with, which is not found in the quran at all hence why your scholars had to claim that the quran is missing 2/3 as the only logical explanation as to why such a pillar is no where to be found

    So let me make this clear, common misconception, Ali was closer to the truth than muawiya , ra on both of them, I would say that the people who refused to pick sides out of fear that they would be fighting another muslim were in fact the people on the truth, in the end, may allah be pleased with all of them. I know for a fact that neither ali or muawiya wanted the end result to be the death of many muslims but in the end may allah forgive them all for whatever faults they have, but may he reward them greatly for their efforts, ali is a far better muslim than muawiya, just as muawiya is still a companion who was generous and pious in his right