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Imam Ali (AS) born in Kaaba

Ali (AS) was born in month of Rajab 13, in city of Mecca, inside Kaaba; apart from him, no one else was born there and this is your glory.

Ref: Al Fasol ul Mohma, Ibn Sabagh Maliki, page 29, printed Beirut.

Shah wali ullah writes: Those glories which appeared at the time of birth of Imam Ali (AS), one of them is that he was born in Kaaba, Hakim said that it is proven with mutawatir narration and there is no doubt that his mother gave him birth inside Kaaba.

Ref: Izala Tul Khulafa, volume 4, page 299, printed Beirut.

Similarly he writes in another book:

His glories are numerous, he is the first Hashmi whose mother was also Hashmi; and he was born in Kaaba, and this is a glory which none shared before him.

Ref: Qura tul a'neen ba tafdel sheikhain, page 138, printed Delhi.

Shah Abdul Haq Mohadith Dehlvi says: Mohadatheen and historians have said that Ali (AS) was born inside Kaaba.

Ref: Madarij un Nabuwat, Abdul Haq Dehlvi, volume 2, page 531, printed Pakistan.

Masoodi writes in his book: Ali was born inside kaaba.

Ref: Marooj ud Dhahab; Masoodi, volume 2, page 311, printed Beirut.

"Mus'ab made a presumption in the last saying because it is proven with mutawatir narrations that Fatima bint Asad gave birth to Imam Ali (AS) in Kaaba"

Ref: Mustadarak, Imam Hakim, volume 4, page 197, printed Pakistan.

Note: Dhabi mentioned this saying in his book, and so it is correct as per him as well that it is mutawatir fact

Ref: Talkless Mustadarak, Dhabi, volume 4, page 197, foot note 5, printed Pakistan.

Mullah Ali Qari writes in his book: It is written in Mustadarak Imam Hakim that Imam Ali (AS) was born in Kaaba.

Ref: Sharh-ush-shifa, volume 1, page 327, printed Beirut.

Allam Hasan bin Momin Shablanji writes: Ali (AS) is cousin of Holy Prophet (PBUH), and he is unleashed sword; he was born in the year 30 of aam-ul-feel, on day of friday; 13 rajab; inside kaaba, and none was born there before him.

Ref: Noor ul Absar, Shablanji, page 183, Beirut.

Abdur Rehman Safoori Shafai says: Imam Ali (AS) was born in mecca and this glory was kept specifically for him by Allah.

Ref: Nuzha tul Majalis, volume 2, page 404, printed Pakistan.

Mulla Jami said:  "Imam Ali (AS) was born in Mecca, and according to some, he was born in Kaaba"

Ref: Shawahid un Nabuwa, Jami, page 280, printed Pakistan.

Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan Bhopali says: Discussion of Syed Ali (AS), cousin of prophet PBUH, sword of Allah (SWT), the one who showed strange things; powerful, he was born inside mecca in bait-ullah; none was born before him inside baitullah.

Ref: Takreem ul Momineen Bataween Manaqib Khulafa Rashideen; Nawab Siddiq, page 99, printed Lahore.

Sibt ibn Joozi writes in his book: It is narrated that Fatima bint Asad was dong tawaf of kaaba when Ali (AS) was in her womb; she got labor pains; so the wall opened up, and she entered; and Ali (AS) was born there.

Ref: Tazkira tul Khawas; Sibt ibn Joozi; page 30; printed Najaf, Iraq.

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